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He has written several books including Financial Freedom Through Forex and Trading Your Way to Success, contributed to The Book Of Success: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Success and taught Junior traders such as JayJay Siddell, a 20 year old professional forex trader.

His career.

Having learnt from some of the best professional forex traders in the world, Greg Secker set up the award-winning forex education company, Learn to Trade SA.

Greg Secker Forex Greg Secker is the CEO and founder of Learn to Trade. While the volatile global market has investors tearing their hair out, Greg Secker will show you why savvy currency traders on the foreign exchange market are making HUGE profits day after day, no matter whether the markets are rising or falling. ONE OF A KIND FREE WEBINAR: Learn to trade forex with world class trader greg secker. According to Forex trader Greg Secker, trading on the Forex market does not require extensive knowledge about how to perform mathematical calculations.

Of course, it helps to know how to interpret graphs and charts. However, learning to think about trading in a professional manner makes a positive difference in the results. ONE OF A KIND FREE WEBINAR: Greg Secker Has Been Featured In: From the desk of Greg Secker, Dear fellow investor. Its an online game just like black jack. You are trading with a computer program. Not with other people. There are no banks involved.

He gives useful tips as to why he is trading extra cautiously this week.

Your broker controls the gaming platform. Your broker is your counterparty. This trading environment is called OT. Apr 30, 2017. Mar 24, 2008. Jun 2, 2017. Mar 29, 2020. Temper your expectations, anticipate pushback.

Greg is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and international speaker.

This unique platform offered a real-time online Forex system of trading. With each new position he held, he climbed the ladder and eventually landed a job with a Fortune 500 investment bank. Jan 09, 2020. He said he just attended a paid seminar with Greg Secker who is the founder of Knowlege To Action-a forex trading education firm. The exact Forex trading strategies and risk-management tools developed and used by Greg Secker himself. How to live rich for a lifetime and use the currency trading techniques to make it happen.

While many people felt that Forex trading was only something the big banks should take in, Secker saw the benefit for smaller investors to trade currency. By the age of 27, Greg Secker was able to leave the corporate world and begin trading at home. FREE Forex MasterClass with Greg Secker. Just launched a brand-new Forex trading masterclass. My name is Greg Ser. Dec 20, 2019. Feb 11, 2012. Nov 24, 201.